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Great Rooms

Canine great rooms are 36"x32" and are made of the highest grade, seamless, austenitic stainless steel. They are perfect for guests under 30lbs and provide a cozy sleeping area for a restful night's sleep.


Canine lofts are generously sized at 4'x5' (20 sqft) and raised off of the floor. They offer full-sized glass fronts for maximum viewing. They are great for all sized guests and families of 1 or 2 to share.


Spacious luxury, our canine suites have plenty of room to move around for even the largest guests. Suites are 5'x6' (30 sqft) and a wonderful option for dog families of 1-3 to stay together on their vacation, or for guests that like to have a little extra room during their stay.

Avian & Exotics Room

Do you have a bird, pocket pet, reptile, or non-traditional pet? We have a special room dedicated to your pet. It has a window into the reception area so we can always keep a close eye on them, and they are kept far away from the overnight dog and cat guests.

Cat Condos

Our cat condos provide spacious, safe, and fun accommodations for your cat. Every condo has a full view, a clear acrylic front, and plenty of natural light.

They are constructed of moisture resistant board and covered with thermally fused high-pressure laminates, so cleaning and sanitizing them is a breeze. PVC protects all edges and door openings. 

Each condo has a resting shelf or perching loft that allows for a separate lounging and litter box area. A sealed vertical pass through door can be removed to add a second condo to your cat's vacation. Up and down passage can also be opened for multiple cat families to be able to visit each other.

Horizontal pass through portals allow two or more condos to be connected for multiple cat homes or for guests that want a little extra room.