Awards & Accreditation

Electric City Stay and Play strives to provide quality care for all pets that stay at our resort.

Drs. Robert Tope and Jennifer Bushwack have owned and operated Electric City Animal Clinic since 2002, and in November of 2016 they opened Electric City Stay and Play, fulfilling their dream of expanding their care to a first-class, fun, full service resort for pets.


The rigorous standards and high expectations that come with the American Animal Hospital Association accreditation at Electric City Animal Clinic carry over into Electric City Stay and Play.

To help us better care for your pets and make their stay as comfortable as possible, all of our staff is trained and certified through the IBPSA and The Dog Gurus in proper animal care and behaviour. Many of our staff have graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program at Tri-County Technical College and some are licensed Veterinary Technicians or pursuing careers in Veterinary Medicine.

Electric City Stay and Play is a proud member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association. Per the IBPSA website, membership in this association provides "business resources, industry expertise, staff education and training, certifications, and legislative support for the pet care services industry".


We were honored by the Anderson County community who voted us Best Pet Boarding of the Year 2017. We received the warm review, "What dog wouldn't love a bone-shaped pool, swaths and swaths of running space, a nice bath after their stay and a cool place to sleep for the night. The facilities at Electric City Stay and Play are nicer than some hotel rooms around town so rest assured when you decide to send Fido to stay…and play."

Thank you for letting your pet stay with us. Your pet's health, safety and comfort are our #1 priority. We will do everything we can to ensure your pet has the best vacation possible and treat them like our own family." - Drs. Tope and Bushwack

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